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Chatra is an alternative to Olark that brings modern messaging experience to on-site and in-app communication. Mobile ready and beautifully designed, Chatra is a better way to chat with your visitors.

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Conversation history

Unlike Olark, Chatra keeps record of all messages. When speaking with a returning visitor, scroll up to access past conversations just like on a smartphone. It works the same on the visitor’s side. Chatra saves even unsent messages, so they are not lost when visitors move to other pages or even close their browser.

Live typing insights

We show you unsent messages as they are being typed: no need to wait ‘til the visitor hits “send” to find and prepare your answer.

You’ll be able to save time and impress with the speed of your reaction.

Messenger mode for offline chat

Instead of limiting your visitors to emailing you from the widget or blocking it completely when you are offline, Chatra offers them to chat with you in a messenger mode — setting expectations that it will take some time to get a reply.

With Chatra you are always open, and can talk with your visitors without the pressure of being online 24/7. More about offline messaging 

Targeted auto-messages

Whether you are offline or online, help visitors take the desired action by sending targeted messages, triggered by the URL they came from or what they are doing on your website.

Setup is super easy and is based on simple “if this, then that” rules. We even prepared some templates for you :—)

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Intelligent pre-chat form

Your need to learn who you are chatting with should not be an obstacle for your visitors to start a conversation. In Chatra visitors will be asked to introduce themselves only after the first message is sent. It’s so much more welcoming.

Web, desktop or mobile

With Chatra, you get a consistent experience on all platforms and can access useful features like lead/visitor profiles, notes and saved replies.

You can switch in an instant — start a conversation in your browser then grab your smartphone to continue on the go.

Team inbox & group chats

Work as a team in a shared inbox — and access ongoing conversations handled by other operators. Lurk or join to help and impress — visitors don’t expect to see few people helping them out together.

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Free for as long as you want, no credit card required.

Invisible mode

When invisible, operators don’t receive new chats until they are invited to a conversation by a team member.

You can have all the team (sales, engineers and even a CEO) in Chatra — they will only get notified when their teammate adds them to a chat with a customer — and only when there’s a need for that.

Modern messaging experience

Conversation history

User avatars


Read receipts

Group chats

Typing indicators

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Unlimited number of monthly and concurrent chats even on the free plan.

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