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The best of both worlds

As inviting as live chat, as convenient as email.
Chatra is better for your customers and easier to manage for you.

Chatra welcomes potential buyers with the faces of your team and invites to get in touch through friendly, targeted auto-messages.

It’s much easier for them to send you a quick instant message than to send a formal, stuffy email from a contacts page.

Chatra delivers their messages directly to you, and can also unobtrusively collect their email address in the process.

So you can react at your own pace without feeling the obligation to have live chat software that’s manned at all times.

Set expectations with Chatra

Chatra makes sure that users understand when they aren’t in a live conversation.
So they aren’t frustrated when you don’t reply in no time.

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We aren’t trying to cheat anybody; you don’t get far in business doing that.

We’ll make sure they get the message

Reply from the agent dashboard in your browser, desktop app or mobile app and we’ll make sure it gets delivered, through Chatra Messenger if the visitor is still active on your website or to their email address if they left.

...or you can get in touch with them yourself

If email is your thing, you can use it to reply instead. Chatra can deliver incoming messages to your mailbox (or even your help desk software), so that you can reap the benefits of the service without disrupting your workflow.

Try a great live chat experience

If messenger mode is not instant enough, switch to live to let your customers know that you’re working and available to answer their queries in real time. Chatra Live Chat boasts all the bells and whistles of Messenger to provide a consistent experience that’s perfect for both you and your customers.

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Either way, your business is always open with Chatra!

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