Chatra software understands convenience for both our brand and customers. Very pleased with their support response time. Favorite features are the ability to customize colors on homepage and time-automated pop-up.

Heidi and Pete

Wow! Awesome. The first weekend we had this installed, it proved its usefulness. Terrific options for when/where you want the chat window to pop up so as not to drive your customers away, but help them when they may be “on the fence” or need assistance (like that all-important check out page.) Also, options for personalized messages, design, etc. The accompanying app is totally rad! Need to step away from your computer? No problem. Chat from your phone! As a former customer care professional... I love it. Well done, Chatra. Well done!

No doubt the best chat app I’ve used. Visitors can have fast, direct access to your customer service and receive immediate response!

Installation process is very simple. No hassle setup, simply click “Get” and it is ready to go.

More amazing is that it comes with its own mobile app, so when someone sends a chat message, the message will be alerted on your iOS or Android; and you or your support team can reply potential customers on-the-go from anywhere!

Works very smooth and is highly recommended for any store owner!

Chatra was super easy to install, any queries I had were answered promptly and the customer experience is great. Chats come through on my phone so when we’re out and about we can still answer all our customers questions. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to convert more website visitors into customers

Chatra is an excellent live chat app which deserves your attention. A breeze to setup and highly customisable options. Love the phone app which brings mobile customer service to a whole new level. Chatra is everything you need in an instant messenger chat app.

If I could give this more stars I would! I have tried several other “Chat” apps offered as Shopify addons and nothing comes close to this one for functionality, integrations, service, and price. Easy to set up and so many ways to customize including your own custom triggers that you can set or turn off like having the chat screen popup only on certain pages and only if the customer has been back to the site 2 times. Yes you can get THAT specific. I’ve only been using it for a week and I am convinced that I have gained a BUNCH of sales simply for being there to answer a question when my customer has one. It has a great phone app to accompany it that also works great. Unlike other chat services, you don’t have to have the app up on your phone screen for it to work. It will work in the background and pop up a notification when a chat request comes in. Seriously, give this app a try and I PROMISE you won’t go back to any of the others.

This app is a must, 100% recomended. Chatra is more than a simple chat, it helps you even to reduce cart abandonments. The look is great and the features really good. I like knowing what page the costumers are in every moment and have the possibility to send them an automated message if they land on a particular page. Definetely it worths a try.

Absolutely amazing app that looks beautiful on your site and is easy to set up. Within 12 hours of installation, I had a customer chat that turned into a conversion. The Chatra customer service is excellent and their desktop app simplifies your availability. I’ll be a customer for life!

I really like this app. I can tell a lot of thought went into it. You can personalize the appearance and content so that it reflects your brand/personality. I like that when a customer chats, you can see their geographic location as well as where they are in your shop. The communication with the developer has been excellent: friendly, helpful and professional.

Chatra is a GREAT live chat app that’s been a perfect addition to our online store. We’ve tried a few different chat apps for our Shopify store, but Chatra was the simplest to setup and the most liked so far, as a bonus their customer service is excellent! Recommend to anyone who would like to be more readily available to their potential customers.

What a difference Chatra has made to our site. In the 10 days we have been using the app, we have captured three sales either directly or indirectly related to our ability to take questions directly from customers, in real time.

The interface is easy enough to use, even us Luddites figured it out in seconds. Installation and activation was instant, and we were configured and up and running in minutes. I can’t stress enough how simple the process was — so happy about that!

As we looked deeper into the app, we found other customization options that we are now using, including auto-away and some other useful options.

Simply an amazing tool to augment our relationship-building and customer relations initiatives. Bravo!

its an amazing simple app!

love that i can run it on my windows in background, so i can stay online all the time :)

also its getting sales more easily, because i can answer my customers right away :)

love it!!!

Very user friendly app. Great support. I’m able to give my potential customers immediate answers and the right confidence when purchasing our creations. Keep on the good job.


I like Chatra as it allows to tend to my customer’s questions wherever I am via my smartphone. Installation and setup is just a click. I like the fact that it enables me to chat with my customers via my smartphone. It simplifies the process of providing chat functionality on my ecommerce websites a lot and has the ability to be proactive based on a number of situations all customizable on Chatra. The ability to see what the other side is typing before it is sent is a plus.

Chatra is the best chat app ever! Truly a stellar experience that you don’t want to miss out on! I tried so many others and they were all mediocre at best. It is so fantastic and easy for my customers to use, and unlike before, they all want to engage with us while shopping.

The layout is both beautiful and professional and works on my phone when I am away from my desk. This allows me to maintain contact and provide excellent service. Their support is first class and instant. Get it for your store and you’ll never look back. :)

I’ve been using Chatra for about two weeks now and I’m very impressed! The live chat allows our customers to get in touch instantly with questions and feedback! Chatra even lets us create automated messages based on certain conditions — ex. a customer that has been stuck on the checkout page for over 2 minutes will be asked if they need live assistance.

It’s a great app and is packed with features! Easy to use and integrates well with the Mac desktop application. Highly recommend!

I had toyed with the idea of a Live Chat app for my store and took the plunge.....couldn’t be happier! The app works great and the support is outstanding, responsive and helpful. The app is easy to use and I know for sure I have not only saved a few sales, but the instant communication with potential buyers is a win-win for buyer and seller alike.

I’m loving the Chatra app. I had a long conversation with a customer today (she has inspectors coming to her school and wanted one of our books to use with her students, but it was out of stock — anyway, I sorted something out for her and she was very happy). It is really fantastic to know that she will go into work tomorrow and tell her colleagues about us due to the great customer service we were able to provide, and that is thanks to being able to have that direct and immediate contact. So, thank you very much and I hope you have great success with Chatra, you deserve it

Very impressed by how effective this app is! Lots of my customers are using it to get in touch with a “quick question” that may not have otherwise been emailed. It creates a more personal exchange, and I feel not only are more browsers becoming buyers, but they are happier with the service and will become repeat customers.

Very happy that I installed this app and I do not hesitate to recommend it or the team behind it. Excellent customer service and help if you need it.


I’ve been using the Chatra app for about a month and I’ve been incredibly impressed. Chatra is helping me punch above my weight in sales and marketing by engaging website visitors in a whole new way. I would recommend Chatra to anyone who is interested in taking their online presence to a new level with chat functionality.

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