author Sarah Chambers

Sarah is Editor-in-Chief for Chatra and a prolific author focusing on customer loyalty, success and remote work. A former support executive herself, she currently runs Supported Content, a boutique marketing agency for customer service businesses. Sarah has written for Help Scout, HubSpot, Kayako and almost every other company in the field. When she’s not furiously typing away, she’s climbing, knitting or snowboarding in the mountains of Western Canada.

Sarah has spoken at numerous conferences on her work in the customer support field, including Elevate Support, Write the Docs and UA Europe. She is a host on the popular podcast Support Breakfast, where experts discuss common customer support issues over breakfast food.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, Sarah has worked with customer support teams across the world including starting the social support team at Hootsuite, leading customer experience at Payfirma, and as the global director of support at Kayako.

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