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Want to grow your business?
Build a review pipeline

For every business, the benefits of reviews are huge. Not only do they help build trust with potential customers, they can also provide an SEO boost and generate insights from your entire customer base — not just the ones that tell you what they think directly.

For a robust review pipeline, make sure to include some aspects of each of the following steps:

  1. Ask customers for reviews at the right time, in the right way. Find the most likely customers to leave you a good review, incentivize them and make it easy.
  2. Use reviews in as many places as you can — on your website, in product description pages, on marketing collateral and in voice of the customer programs.
  3. Respond to every review you can, thanking customers for their insights and answering any questions they might have. A negative review with a positive response can be even more convincing than a full page of happy people.

Remember, every review is a gift from your customers. The more positive reviews you’re able to recruit and publicize, the easier customer acquisition becomes.

  • Craig Stoss. Craig has spent time in more than 30 countries working with support, development, and professional services teams building insight into Customer Experience and engagement. He is most passionate about creating low-effort, consistent, and customized customer experiences. His writing focuses on actionable ways to make your customers more successful, improve the team and cross-functional collaboration and solving common support problems.
  • Sarah Chambers. Editor-in-Chief for Chatra and a prolific author focusing on customer loyalty, success and remote work. A former support executive herself, she currently runs Supported Content, a boutique marketing agency for customer service businesses. When she’s not furiously typing away, she’s climbing, knitting or snowboarding in the mountains of Western Canada.
  • Yaakov Karda. Co-founder of Chatra and a customer support enthusiast. He’s authored and co-authored dozens of blog posts and a number of books on the subject. His writing has been featured in top industry publications and his books are available on Amazon.
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