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Convinced that you should add live chat to your website? With chat resulting in the highest rates of customer satisfaction and expectations of modern customers, live chat is a must-have. From answering questions when a customer is stuck to answer questions for a potential customer who’s browsing your plans page, chat will help you gain new customers and keep the ones you’ve already got. Even better, you can use it to increase engagement and loyalty, understand your customers and what they want, and more. No matter where you utilize live chat or what your goals are for it, make sure your agents are set up for success. When you train your team well, set goals and track the relevant metrics, and manage customer expectations with clear operating hours and chat availability, you’re sure to see success.

If you’ve decided to add a live chat tool to your website, consider giving Chatra a try! We keep our tool simple, yet powerful, so it’s easy for you to implement on your website.

Chat with us if you’d like to learn more about Chatra!

  • Sarah Blackstock. A freelance writer specializing in technology, customer support and social media strategy for Supported Content, and a former Happiness Engineer at Automattic. She is also an organizer of Support Driven events and summits. When she’s not renovating her house in Dallas, you’ll find her baking in her (new) kitchen or reading romance novels.
  • Sarah Chambers. Editor-in-Chief for Chatra and a prolific author focusing on customer loyalty, success and remote work. A former support executive herself, she currently runs Supported Content, a boutique marketing agency for customer service businesses. When she’s not furiously typing away, she’s climbing, knitting or snowboarding in the mountains of Western Canada.
  • Yaakov Karda. Co-founder of Chatra and a customer support enthusiast. He’s authored and co-authored dozens of blog posts and a number of books on the subject. His writing has been featured in top industry publications and his books are available on Amazon.
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