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C ustomer loyalty isn’t easy, but we hope that this user guide has given you some things to go off of when embarking on your own journey. Primarily, treat your customers with respect and care, and they will likely do the same with you. Ask questions, make changes intentionally, and try to think with your customers’ best wishes in mind, and you’ll have a hugely loyal customer base in no time.

  • Mercer Smith-Looper. A writer, public speaker and support veteran of over 15 years, passionate about providing support teams space and insight that they need to do what they do best: help the customer. She currently is the Director of Support at Appcues, but in the past has worked in leadership for Wistia, Campaign Monitor, Trello, and Atlassian. Beyond that, she has consulted and written for some of the most prolific customer support companies world over.
  • Sarah Chambers. Editor-in-Chief for Chatra and a prolific author focusing on customer loyalty, success and remote work. A former support executive herself, she currently runs Supported Content, a boutique marketing agency for customer service businesses. When she’s not furiously typing away, she’s climbing, knitting or snowboarding in the mountains of Western Canada.
  • Yaakov Karda. Co-founder of Chatra and a customer support enthusiast. He’s authored and co-authored dozens of blog posts and a number of books on the subject. His writing has been featured in top industry publications and his books are available on Amazon.
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